How to distinguish between good and bad CNC cutting machine brands?
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How to distinguish between good and bad CNC cutting machine brands?

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The important point of the cnc router machine woodworking is that the mechanical function is relatively large. When purchasing, you must choose a multi-process cutting machine. For example, the four-process cutting machine equipment is equipped with four different heads, which can realize automatic automatic tool change of four processes, and multiple processes of grooving, engraving, cutting and punching can be carried out at the same time. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose a four-process cutting machine with more functions.

Let's talk about the price/performance ratio of the equipment.

Choosing a cost-effective cutting machine equipment can not only improve efficiency but also save costs for manufacturers. For the many cnc wood door cutting machine on the market, the styles and models are different, and the quality and price are even more uneven. There are many first-time purchasers who do not know the performance of the CNC cutting machine, so they just blindly buy it based on the manufacturer's introduction or direct evaluation. For the same type of cnc router machine woodworking, there may be a difference in price. Some consumers are eager to buy a cnc router 4 axis 3d wood carving with no guaranteed quality for a while, which leads to machine failures.


The CNC cutting machine can not only save labor but also effectively improve the utilization rate of the plate, because the cnc wood machine uses the system software to automatically arrange the layout, making the best use of each plate, and adding the milling cutter to open the material can be arbitrarily reversed. , The utilization rate of combined order typesetting is as high as 96%, and the edges and corners of each sheet can be used, which improves the utilization rate of the sheet. In addition, the automatic wood saw cutting machine is equipped with different cutter heads, which realizes simple automatic tool change in four processes, without manual intervention, and the program is automatically executed. The most important thing is the powerful dust removal equipment of the CNC cutting machine, which can suck up wood chips and debris during the processing process, without the phenomenon of dust flying, which can improve the working environment.

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