Choose your own advertising CNC engraving machines from six aspects
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Choose your own advertising CNC engraving machines from six aspects

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The emergence of CNC engraving machines has provided another rare business opportunity for many advertising and decoration industries. The famous brands engraved by CNC engraving machines, various signs, crystal light boxes, architectural models, and mold making have gradually become popular in the advertising industry. With the increasing popularity of CNC engraving machines applications, various CNC engraving machines have gradually appeared on the market. How to choose an CNC engraving machines that suits you?Superstar CNC explains the following points that need to be paid attention to:


MINI Letter Engraving Machine Sample

1. Lead screw and guide rail are an important part of the CNC engraving machines. High-quality lead screws and guide rails guarantee the accuracy and performance of the CNC engraving machines when it is used for a long time.

2. Manufacturing process of engraving bed body: The bed body must be precise and stable when the high-power CNC engraving machines works, so the long-term high-power engraving should adopt the casting bed body to ensure its processing accuracy and stability.

3. The adjustable range of the speed of the spindle motor of the CNC engraving machines: the general adjustable range of speed is several thousand to 30,000 revolutions per minute. Large limitation, because different materials must be engraved with different engraving head speeds.

4. To understand the performance and function of the engraving motor, the spindle motor of the CNC engraving machines is also very important, because the spindle motor is generally not covered by the warranty, and the spindle motor of the CNC engraving machines works continuously for a long time, so if the quality of the spindle motor is not High will also affect the use of the CNC engraving machines.

5. Pay attention to the function of the CNC engraving machines. The spindle motor of the CNC engraving machines has high power and low power. Some CNC engraving machines with low power are only suitable for the processing of materials such as two-color boards, architectural models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc. This process has been popular for a period of time, but the engraving power is too small and the application range is affected. The other is an CNC engraving machines with a high-power engraving head. This CNC engraving machines is divided into two categories, one is a large-format cutting machine: the format is generally more than one meter, but the accuracy of this kind of CNC engraving machines is generally poor; the other The class is an CNC engraving machines with a moderate format: this CNC engraving machines is generally used for fine processing and sign making.

6. The control system is generally divided into two categories: the first type of controller is only for driving, and all its calculation work is completed by the computer. When the CNC engraving machines is working, the computer is in a waiting state and cannot perform typesetting. The other type of control system is controlled by a single-board computer or a single-chip computer. This control system is actually a computer, so as long as the CNC engraving machines starts to work, the computer control system can immediately perform other typesetting work, especially when engraving for a long time, The advantages are particularly obvious.

The above is that Superstar CNC has explained some precautions when choosing an CNC engraving machines from the aspects of the screw and guide rail, the adjustable speed range of the spindle motor, the function of the CNC engraving machines, and the control system. Quality CNC engraving machines.