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Mr. Yerson, a customer from Kazakhstan, purchased a CNC small cylindrical machine

Thanks to Kazakhstan customer Mr. Yerson for purchasing 1200Y small cylindrical engraving machineMr. Yerson saw us on our official website, was interested in our cylindrical engraving machine, and initiated an inquiry.After learning that Mr. Yerson is a furniture manufacturer, he has hi

2022 09-19
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What are the characteristics of the upper rail of the CNC cutting machine

Today, I will explain to you the characteristics of the square rail on the CNC cutting machine:1. Low frictional resistance, can maintain accuracy for a long time, the rolling friction of the linear guide rail of the cnc router wood machine can be reduced to 1/20~1/40 of the frictional resistance of

2022 05-21
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What characteristics do CNC engraving machines need to have?

The art of carving is to create a sculptural body that can show the author's subjective spirit and aesthetic ideal through exquisite carving techniques. In order to bring this beauty into life and meet the public's pursuit of it, machine manufacturers have designed a variety of professional CNC carv

2022 02-18
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What are the requirements for a reasonable operation of a computer engraving machine?

In the modern production process, the engraving process can be completed in batches by mechanized means, especially the emergence of computer cnc engraving machines has greatly improved this process, because it can be designed and completed through computer operation. The design of engraving pattern

2022 02-15
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The difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe

1. What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe?Although CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are both common CNC mechanical equipment, there is a big difference between the two.From a structural point of view, although they are equipped with CNC systems, CNC engraving machines

2022 01-27
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Now the engraving machine is widely used, you should understand these faults

Now the engraving machine is widely used, you should understand these faults

2022 01-25