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Can a CNC Engraving Machine Cut Plywood?

In the realm of modern woodworking, technology has revolutionized the way intricate designs and detailed cuts are made. One such technolog. But the question arises – can a CNC router cut plywood? Today, we dive into exploring the capabilities of this machine and unveiling the endless possibilities i

2023 08-30
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CNC Engraving Machine CX-1325 for Wood at Thailand Warehouse

This CNC Engraving Machine is a professional CNC router designed and fabricated by Superstar CNC company specially suitable for woodworking industry. X Y Axis is rack rail, Z Axis is screw transmission.3.2KW water cooling spindle and DSP A11 control system. The CNC Engraving Machine can be widely us

2021 06-19
Multi-spindle CNC Machine at Pakistan Exhibition Online

In June our company held an online show in Pakistan. This exhibition shows our series of woodworking machines: hot selling 1325 size woodworking engraving machine, high performance straight tools changer router, multi-spindle CNC machine, disc tools changer router, side rotary shaft machine, side ho

2021 07-01
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Common problems and solutions of CNC engraving machine

As a high-tech material, CNC engraving machine will inevitably have faults in the process of use, but how to deal with the faults. Introduce in detail the solutions to the five common faults of CNC engraving machines. Let's learn about the common problems and solutions of CNC engraving machines.Comm

2022 11-24
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Top 5 Best Wood CNC Routers of 2022 - Top Picks

CNC routers have a variety of functions that can help you improve work efficiency and quality. They round edges, cut depth, and when used correctly, can create intricate designs in your woodworking projects.Our Best CNC Routers (Updated for 2022)1. Automatic loading and unloading for ATC CNC Router-

2022 11-15
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Mr. Yerson, a customer from Kazakhstan, purchased a CNC small cylindrical machine

Thanks to Kazakhstan customer Mr. Yerson for purchasing 1200Y small cylindrical engraving machineMr. Yerson saw us on our official website, was interested in our cylindrical engraving machine, and initiated an inquiry.After learning that Mr. Yerson is a furniture manufacturer, he has hi

2022 09-19