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CNC Engraving Machine CX-1325 for Wood at Thailand Warehouse

This CNC Engraving Machine is a professional CNC router designed and fabricated by Superstar CNC company specially suitable for woodworking industry. X Y Axis is rack rail, Z Axis is screw transmission.3.2KW water cooling spindle and DSP A11 control system. The CNC Engraving Machine can be widely us

2021 06-19
Multi-spindle CNC Machine at Pakistan Exhibition Online

In June our company held an online show in Pakistan. This exhibition shows our series of woodworking machines: hot selling 1325 size woodworking engraving machine, high performance straight tools changer router, multi-spindle CNC machine, disc tools changer router, side rotary shaft machine, side ho

2021 07-01
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CNC Engraving Machine CX-6090 Exported to Australia

CNC engraving machine CX6090 designed and fabricated by Superstar CNC company is the widely used CNC router for wood engraving and cutting works. All the axises of this CNC engraving machine CX6090 is fabricated with ball screw transmission, 3kw water cooling spindle and Ncstudio system. This CNC en

2021 05-12
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How to solve cnc engraving machine bearing failure and how to maintain cnc router daily

1. The engraving machine disassembles the front and rear end covers and the front and rear nuts. 2. Push out the main shaft, rear bearing seat, linear bearing and other accessories from the front end of the shaft. 3. Front and rear bearing washers. The front and rear bearings of the motorized spind.

2021 05-17
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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe?

Although both CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are common CNC mechanical equipment, there are big differences between the two.The differences between CNC engraving machine and CNC lathe are mainly in the number of main axes, processing range and structure.

2021 04-26