How to maintain the woodworking engraving machine (2)?
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How to maintain the woodworking engraving machine (2)?

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Continuing with what we said in the last issue, "How much do you know about the maintenance of the engraving machine", today, Superstar CNC will take you to continue to understand the knowledge of the maintenance of the engraving machine.

3. Vacuum pump maintenance and maintenance

(1) In order to avoid impeller, pump body wear or impeller jamming, dust particles entering the cavity with gas and working liquid should be washed away through the flushing port at the bottom of the pump cover.

(2) If hard water is used as the working fluid, the hard water must be softened, or the vacuum pump should be flushed with a regular solvent.

(3) Lubrication, under normal working conditions, when using a 50Hz motor: after 20,000 hours or three years of operation, the waste grease and its swag in the bearing and accessory space should be removed and filled with new grease. The injected grease should account for fifty percent of the bearing free space and sixty-five percent of the bearing cap space.

If the working conditions are very bad, the replacement cycle of the grease will be shortened accordingly.

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(4) When the exhaust is emptied, open the water outlet of the water tank to allow the liquid to flow out. And turn the vacuum pump by turning the fan by hand until no liquid comes out.

Tilt the pump 45 degrees to basically empty the vacuum pump. This way the pump will not be damaged even if the vacuum pump is out of service for a long time or in cold climates.

(5) How to deal with pump stop for a long time

If the vacuum pump stops running for about 4 weeks, the anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out after the pump is completely emptied in advance, that is, 12 liters of anti-corrosion oil is poured into the vacuum pump from the suction port or exhaust port, and then run for a short time.

If the impeller is stuck after the pump is stopped for a long time due to the use of hard water, the pump cavity should be filled with 10% oxalic acid for about 30 minutes.

4. Maintenance and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner:

Clean the dust frequently, pay attention to the refueling and maintenance of the rotating position.

The above is about the maintenance and maintenance of woodworking series engraving machine, I hope to help you~

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