Knowledge points to be mastered in the control of modern CNC cutting machines
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Knowledge points to be mastered in the control of modern CNC cutting machines

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Modern woodworking machinery and equipment are becoming more and more numerically controlled and automated, and the control software is also very intelligent. The CNC cutting machine reduces the woodworking industry and its dependence on skilled workers. The CNC cutting machine realizes drilling and opening with the help of professional optimized typesetting software. The utilization of grooves, cutting materials, and special-shaped arc cutting plates are maximized, saving labor and high efficiency. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, and one CNC cutting machine can cut 50-80 sheets in 8 hours. The whole house custom furniture production CNC cutting machine has become an indispensable tool and equipment.

How to ensure the safe, smooth, and accurate production of the CNC cutting machine is a problem that the furniture factory of the cutting machine considers every day.The following are the knowledge points that need to be mastered for the control of the Superstar CNC cutting machine:

1. Know the operating system of CNC cutting machine and master the operation steps

The commonly used CNC cutting machine operating systems in the market include Taiwan LNC, Taiwan SYNTEC, Shanghai Weihong, etc. Different operating systems have different operation methods, and the expressions and interpretations of terms are different. Master the CNC cutting machine operating system The core essentials will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Tool compensation setting steps

Tool compensation is what we usually call tool setting. The correctness of the tool setting will seriously affect the depth of the three-in-one hole position and the depth of the scratch on the backing plate (density board). The depth of the three-in-one holes affects whether the cabinet is in place during installation. The more scratches on the backing plate, it will indirectly affect the adsorption and positioning of the plate, so the accuracy of the knife is also very important

3. Setting steps of workpiece origin (program origin)

The accuracy of the workpiece origin or the program origin setting affects whether the perforation is vertical or not and the accuracy of the sheet processing size.

4. Upload, load, delete and execute program steps of processing program

How to import the program in the U disk? How to upload? How to delete and uninstall the programs in the upload system? For example, if the program in the new generation system cannot be deleted during the loading process, it must be uninstalled first, or another program can be loaded before it can be deleted.

5. Operation steps of milling backing board (density board)

The flatness of the backing plate of the CNC cutting machine affects the firmness of the plate adsorption. The more grooves on the backing plate, the suction pressure will decrease, and the plate will easily run out of position when the plate is blanked. This also means that the patching phenomenon often occurs, so keep the backing plate Flatness is very important.In addition to the important knowledge points described by Superstar CNC, the usual maintenance is also indispensable. Mastering the operating system of the cutting machine and normal maintenance can ensure that the life of the machine can be extended and improve the processing accuracy of the cutting machine.





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