Vacuum Adsorption Tabletop Advantages of Wooden CNC Router
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Vacuum Adsorption Tabletop Advantages of Wooden CNC Router

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The tool magazine of the in-line CNC cutting machine is a fixed row, and generally has at least 12 tool magazines, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Accessories are an important factor that affects the overall operation of the equipment. For cutting machines, processing the desktop is one of the essential accessories.

The in-line cutting machines currently on the market usually use a vacuum adsorption table, and its quality and adsorption capacity will affect the processing accuracy of the plate.

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Wood ATC CNC Router

Advantages of using a vacuum table:

Even if it is an irregular plate, it can still be tightly fixed on the worktable of the cutting machine, and it is not easy to have problems such as running boards and vibrations during processing, which will affect the cutting effect. Therefore, the use of vacuum adsorption table tops will improve the cutting accuracy of the board to a certain extent, especially for thin, light or irregular boards. After the fixture is fixed, the vibration of the machine during the cutting process may cause small displacements, thus affecting Precision. The vacuum adsorption table solves this problem very well.

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In-line CNC Cutting Machine

But it is worth noting that vacuum adsorption countertops cannot be completely applied to any wood, and it is not suitable for relatively thick wood boards. Because the self-weight of this type of board is already large enough, it is relatively laborious to absorb it, and it is more advantageous to use clamps to fix it than vacuum adsorption.

The vacuum adsorption table is an important part of the in-line cutting machine. Its application can help the cutting machine to improve the processing accuracy and improve the processing effect. Therefore, when furniture manufacturers are purchasing, they should pay attention to the price while not ignoring the configuration of the equipment. Include the type of countertop.