What factors affect the price of CNC cutting machine
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What factors affect the price of CNC cutting machine

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When multiple customers buy cnc 1325 router woodworking machine, most people will ask the price first, but the price of different cutting machine manufacturers is very different, so what is the cause?

1. The scale of the manufacturer: As far as the current production form of the cutting machine is concerned, most of the small manufacturers are assembled and processed, and the bed is welded. For large manufacturers, they usually have a gantry planer, which is specially designed to mill and level the bed, so that the engraving accuracy can be achieved after the guide rail is installed. And there are also different configurations that lead to different prices.

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2. After-sale service: Since the cutting machine will have some small problems after three years of use, some equipment manufacturers may not be able to keep up with the after-sale service due to their relatively few personnel. At this time, it will bring you a lot of trouble, and good equipment manufacturers are different. Superstar CNC has a dedicated after-sales team to solve problems for customers.

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