What factors affect the quality of the cutting machine (2)
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What factors affect the quality of the cutting machine (2)

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In the last issue, we learned about the first few factors of the quality of the cutting machine. In this issue, we will learn about other factors that affect the quality of the cutting machine.

5. Product inspection. After each cnc machine for woodworking is assembled, one of the key steps is the adjustment and quality inspection of the equipment. Before leaving the factory, each equipment must complete the adjustment of various data and parameters. After the machine is qualified to be able to deliver to customers.

6. After-sales of products, under the interference of many external and human factors, any machinery will inevitably have mechanical failures, and timely after-sales processing is particularly important.

Seven, product maintenance, in different processing environments, cnc router wood machine will definitely be subject to various disturbances, such as magnetic field, vibration, environmental temperature and humidity, dust and other factors. The workshop of the CNC cutting machine must be clean and tidy, and the equipment should be cleaned and tested before and after to avoid dust falling on the electronic components, which will affect the heat dissipation of the equipment and the sensitivity of the contactor. Regular maintenance is a necessary task to maintain the performance of CNC cutting machine.

Scientific design, product configuration, machine bed processing, product assembly, product inspection, product after-sales and product maintenance are the CNC cutting machine manufacturers - Superstar CNC tells you about the impact of mini cnc wood cutting automaticSeven factors of performance, in order to improve performance, the processing of the cutting machine must be strictly reviewed to ensure that every step is very reasonable.

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