What is the future development trend of panel furniture
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What is the future development trend of panel furniture

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Panel furniture now occupies a large market share. Panel furniture is easy to disassemble and assemble, saves wood, and its plates are not easy to deform and have various colors. It is a variety developed by the furniture industry.

Compared with solid wood furniture, what are the advantages of panel furniture?

1. Environmental protection is better. Panel furniture has a high utilization rate of wood due to the design software of CNC router machine CX-1325, and panel furniture has obvious advantages in environmental protection.

Wood Cabinet furniture

Second, the disassembly and assembly of furniture is more convenient. The panels of panel furniture are usually connected by metal hardware, which is convenient for disassembly, transportation and installation.

2. The production cycle is short and the shapes are diverse. The various parts of panel furniture are mostly machined and manufactured, and the production speed is fast. The key is that the shape and design of panel furniture are diversified, and the changes in color and texture will give people a variety of different feelings.

Fourth, the shape is stable and not easy to deform. The panel structure of panel furniture is stable, the density is uniform, the deformation resistance is strong, and it is not affected by temperature and humidity, so the service life of the furniture will be longer.

At present, the mainstream of whole house customization in the market is panel furniture, and there are also solid wood customized brands, but the market share is very limited. Whole house customization is an overall home solution. For the integrity of style, color and function, choosing whole house customization means that most of the home will be panel furniture, which invisibly increases panel furniture. sales and market share.

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