What is the reason for the damage to the spindle of the CNC cutting machine?
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What is the reason for the damage to the spindle of the CNC cutting machine?

Customers who purchase CNC cutting machine may know that water-cooled spindle motors are cheaper than air-cooled ones, but water-cooled spindle motors are easy to break. So what is the cause of the damage to the spindle motor? Below we will explain many aspects because of the damage. There are many reasons for this, we only talk about a few common reasons.

1. First of all, the quality of the spindle motor itself. The spindle motor produced by small manufacturers is not guaranteed and may be damaged at any time. This is unpredictable, so it is better to choose a big brand when choosing a spindle motor.

2. There is a problem with the cooling system, which causes the spindle motor to overheat, aggravate the wear of the bearing, and cause physical damage to the spindle motor. Therefore, be sure to check whether the cooling system is working properly before use.

3. The operating system version used is too low or the system used is not perfect, causing the engraving to be carried out before the rotation speed reaches the requirement, resulting in excessive engraving resistance and damaging the engraving machine.

4. The engraving machine is a mechanical product. In winter, especially in some areas of our country, the temperature is too low and no anti-freezing measures are taken for the engraving machine, which causes damage to the spindle of the engraving machine.


Attachment: Correct use of the spindle of the CNC engraving machine

1. Prevent accidental collision between the shaft end of the electric spindle and the workpiece during operation.

2. The additional voltage of the intermediate frequency power supply connected to the electro-spindle should be in accordance with the technical parameters of the electro-spindle. The speed of the electro-spindle can be adjusted by changing the frequency, and the voltage is also changed proportionally.

3. The used electric spindle is not necessary for the time being, use compressed air to blow the coolant in the water pipe to avoid rust and block the small holes. Coat the surface with anti-rust oil, add protection device to the shaft end and store it in a dry place.





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