What should I do when the cutting machine fails?
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What should I do when the cutting machine fails?

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There will inevitably be some failures in the daily use of woodworking cutting machines. For some small problems, you can check and maintain it yourself, which also saves time. So, when a failure occurs, how should we check and how should we solve the corresponding failure problem? The woodworking cutting machine manufacturer will analyze it in detail for you!

1. Understand the reasons for the failure of the cutting machine. When a fault occurs, the maintenance personnel should not rush to repair, but should ask the operator about the working status of the machine tool, its specific performance, and whether there is any misoperation. First of all, before the next inspection, understand these conditions before proceeding to the next inspection and avoid blind maintenance.


2. Basic inspection of the tool surface of the panel furniture cutting machine. Observe whether there is any abnormality after the main slicer fails, such as mechanical stuck, motor burnout, belt breakage, etc., check whether the power supply is normal, narrow the scope of equipment failures as much as possible, and eliminate some simple equipment failures.


3. Check the drawings to determine the faulty part of the cutting machine. Analyze according to the ladder diagram to determine whether the failure cause is mechanical failure, electrical failure, hydraulic failure or pneumatic failure. After determining the specific failure cause of the slicer, check the parts that are prone to failure in detail.

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