Which CNC cutting machine can you choose to make the cabinet
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Which CNC cutting machine can you choose to make the cabinet

There are many models of panel furniture cutting machines with different configurations and functions. Due to the difference in function, some cutting machines are more suitable for cabinets, while others are more efficient for door panels. This requires us to first identify our main processing types before buying a cutting machine, so that we can buy a machine that suits us according to our needs.

Some small and medium-sized furniture factories will choose a four-process cutting machine to process the cabinet. The four-process cutting machine is easy to operate, economical, and has various functions. It is very popular in some small and medium-sized furniture factories.

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The four spindle cnc wood cutter machine has four spindles, each spindle is fixed with a knife, the high-quality can automatically and quickly change the tool, and each knife represents a process. The cabinet body and door panel of the four-process cutting machine can be processed. When processing the cabinet, one knife cuts the material, the other is for grooving, and the rest is punched. When a better four-process cutting machine is specially used for processing cabinets, the efficiency is no better than that of a wood router with atc machine.

If the production demand is large, and the requirements for efficiency and accuracy are higher, you can choose a dual-spindle plus row drilling and cutting machine. The dual-spindle plus row drilling and cutting machine has two high-power spindles, and a set of 5+4 imported row drilling bags, which can cut and open quickly; it can also punch vertical holes, with fast drilling speed and high precision. Due to its high configuration, the price is more expensive than the four-process cutting machine.

The specific choice of which cutting machine should be selected according to the actual needs of the manufacturer.

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