Why choose servo motor for CNC cutting machine
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Why choose servo motor for CNC cutting machine

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Modern panel furniture production line includes cutting machine, edge banding machine, laminating machine, polishing machine, side hole machine and other equipment. As an important equipment of the production line, the superstar CNC cutting machine integrates automatic labeling, automatic feeding, engraving, punching, cutting and automatic cutting into one, the process is uninterrupted, smooth, and maximizes the efficiency and output.

There are many accessories in the wood router cnc 4 axis, and the requirements for accuracy and speed are very high. The servo system plays an important role in determining the speed and accuracy. The high-quality servo system has strong power, high precision and fast speed! Common cnc cutting machine wood models are equipped with four servo motors: one for the X axis, two for the Y axis, and one for the Z axis.

Feeder system and servo advantages:

1. The solution is easy to use and can be debugged at will

The system supports common models such as multi-process cutting machine, automatic tool change machining center, automatic loading and unloading, single and double stations, and equipment manufacturers can switch functions of different models through simple parameter settings to easily respond to changes in market demand.

2. Simple operation and rich functions

The main interface of the system includes common functions of users, modular display, simple and intuitive operation, easy to learn and use. The system sub-interface provides multiple functions such as authority management, track preview, parameter setting, and alarm display for users to use.

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