Why is the in-line knife changer more suitable for cabinets?
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Why is the in-line knife changer more suitable for cabinets?

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Most people in the furniture industry are relatively familiar with the types of CNC cutting machines currently on the market, which are used in the panel furniture manufacturing industry, including four-spindle cnc automatic wood cutting machines, dual-spindle plus row drilling and cutting machines, and in-line tool change machining centers. , Disk tool changer machining center cutting machine, etc. Many furniture factories generally choose a four-process cutting machine or a straight-row tool changing machining center cutting machine when making cabinets.

Cabinet processing is divided into cabinet body processing and cabinet door processing. Cabinet body processing is relatively simple, as long as it is easy to punch and blank the wood material. The cabinet door processing also needs to be engraved. If the cabinet doors and cabinets have to be processed, the four cutter heads of the four processes are a bit insufficient. There are at least 10 kinds of cutter heads that can be replaced automatically, so it is more suitable for the cabinet industry.

Superstar CNC in-line automatic ATC tool changer is equipped with 12 cutter heads. The tool magazine moves with the gantry, which can be replaced quickly, saving the tool change time. In terms of price, it is more favorable and more cost-effective than the disc tool changer and drill package.

Therefore, the in-line automatic knife changing and cutting machine is a CNC cutting machine suitable for cabinets. The function is better than the four-process cutting machine, and the price is not much different. If there is a manufacturer of panel furniture and cabinets, you can consider purchasing a straight row automatic knife changer and cutting machine.

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