Analysis of the Causes of Broken Knives of Woodworking Engraving Machines and Solutions
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Analysis of the Causes of Broken Knives of Woodworking Engraving Machines and Solutions

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Many woodworking CNC engraving machines in many furniture factories are working every day. It is inevitable to work overtime if there is a large demand order. In this case, it is often difficult for the staff to spare time to maintain and inspect the machine. There will be various failures, such as a broken knife in the woodworking CNC engraving machines. How to continue engraving?

Next, lets take a look at what to do if the carving knife of the woodworking engraving machine breaks, and how to continue carving after the woodworking CNC engraving machines breaks the knife.

There are several reasons for the broken knife of the woodworking engraving machines:

1. The spindle motor is not perpendicular to the table surface. When the spindle is running, if the table surface is excessively tilted, one side of the spindle will accidentally contact the table surface, which will cause the tool head to break.

2. The quality of the knife is not good, and the chips cannot be removed smoothly. If it is wrapped around the knife, it will definitely break. Don't think that the knife is bought from the manufacturer and there will be no problems. If there are other people who use the same machine and the same knife as you, and your knife keeps breaking, then the first situation is mainly considered.

3. If the spindle speed and feed speed are not suitable, the tool will break. This situation is easy to judge, and it should be broken as soon as it is used, and it will be broken when used in other places.

4. Uneven material will break the knife.

5. When engraving high-hardness materials for a long time, tool wear and cutting edge are inevitable. If the tool is worn out, the depth of engraving must not meet the set requirements; if the tool has broken edge, how can I ensure both? The second tool is the same high, how to continue carving, these are very real problems.

These several common phenomena can be classified as one problem. It can be understood that the condition of severe tool wear is equivalent to the broken blade state. We can deal with it in the same way.

Automatic Woodworking Cutting Machine

woodworking CNC engraving machines


1. When we find that the tool is suddenly broken during the operation of the woodworking CNC engraving machines, please pause or stop the operation in time. Then make a note of the current block number, which will be used later. After the spindle is completely stopped, replace with a new tool, because we are manually changing the tool, which will inevitably cause the height of the Z direction to change, we only need to use the tool setting block to re-determine the Z direction origin.

2. If there is no change in the X and Y directions, we don't have to worry about it. After confirming, we find the "advanced start" function under the operation menu. The dialog box asks us to enter the start line segment number. This segment number is the number we wrote down when we started to stop the machine. We need to enter the start break number The number is smaller than the number written down, and the specific number depends on the time we found the knife. If it is found late, subtract some more numbers. The end segment number defaults to the end of the file. In this way, the woodworking CNC engraving machines can automatically continue to engrave the unfinished parts.





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