Superstar CX-3D 4 AXIS CNC 90 Degree Rotary Engraving Machine
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Superstar CX-3D 4 AXIS CNC 90 Degree Rotary Engraving Machine

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The four-axis wood rotary machine is suitable for precision production of wood, stone, Styrofoam, and various non-metallic materials, and engraving various small and medium-sized non-metallic molds and special-shaped workpieces. 
  • CX-1325

  • Superstar


Working Video

Product Description

The main components adopt world-renowned brands, such as HSD spindle imported from Italy, Taiwan Shangyin high-precision linear guide, Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and servo drive control system.

1.Dust-proof design, prevent dust and dirt, ensure the normal operation of the machine, and make the life of the machine longer.

2.The heavy-duty bed with T-shaped structure, the thick-walled square tube is seamlessly welded, and has undergone vibration aging treatment, so it is durable and not easily deformed.

3.Z-axis stroke is 450mm, processing area is large, and large-scale three-dimensional surface processing is designed and processed.

4.Automatic tool change and tool magazine for discs, which is convenient and quick.

Technical Parameters

X-axis stroke1300mm 
Travel Y-axis2500mm
Z-axis stroke450mm
Resolving power0.05mm
Operating system New generation (with wireless handwheel)
Transmission modeTransmission mode
Guide RailTaiwan Shangyin square
Driver MotorYaskawa servo 
Software running environmentWindows7/XP 

Applicable industries

3d Wood Carving Machine Sample:

Precision production of wood, stone, styrofoam, and various non-metallic materials, carving various small and medium-sized non-metallic molds, and special-shaped workpieces.

3D cnc machine sample