Superstar CNC CX-6060 Metal CNC Mold Machine
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Superstar CNC CX-6060 Metal CNC Mold Machine

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The fuselage structure is made of cast iron and is not easily deformed. You can pause, adjust speed and cutting depth at any time during the cutting process, and preview the tool path. It is convenient for engraving different materials and is suitable for different industries.
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Working video

Product Description

Metal CNC Mold Machine:

1. The machine body structure adopt cast iron, the rigidity is good, not easy to be deformed. To make sure the machine stability.

2. Pause,adjust speed and cutting depth anytime during cutting, also can be preview the tools path. Convenient for

engraving different materials,applicable to different industries.

3. The machine have have continue engraving function of break point and break. It have the function of zero return and correct automatically.

Technical Parameter

Item No.


X,Y, Z working area


Table Size


Z Feeding Height


Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy

Drive MotorStepper / Servo
Control systemNc studio (Optional)
Max. Rapid Travel Speed12M/Min
Max. Working Speed8M/Min.
Working VoltageAC380V/AC220V

Applicable industries

Mainly suitable for high-precision mould industry, toy industry, and art & craft industry, etc.

Applicable for processing copper electrode, mini stamping mould, gold stamping mould, hardware mould, rubber mould and so forth. 

Also can be used for processing moulds of watch accessories, glasses, jewelry, etc.

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