CNC Automatic Vibrating Knife Cutter machine Superstar CNC
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CNC Automatic Vibrating Knife Cutter machine Superstar CNC

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 Superstar CNC Automatic Vibrating Knife Cutter machine suitable for material cutting in sofa, seat, seat cover, floor mat, carpet, bag, handbag and other industries
  • CX-1625
  • Superstar

Working Video

Product Description

  • High speed: Only need 80 seconds to finish one set of car foot mat., only need 6 minutes to finish one set of car cushion mattress

  • High efficiency: don't need any die mold, or die mold cutting machine, this machine can press mark, cutting and molding on soft material such as leather, carton etc. Save much labor and cost.

  • Low cost: one machine can do design, cutting instead of manual design and cutting, save labor, and material wastage cost.

  • Wide application: This machine can cut leather, PU, fiber, EVA, XPE, sponge cladding, composite cladding, Sponge+drape+composite leather, PVC foot mat, paper, carton, plastic board etc. Soft material.

  • Good performance: adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw or Wuxi High precision rack pinion, low noise, accurate transmission. Long lifespan and high precision.

Vibration knife accessories

Technical Parameter

control systemRD control system
Driving motorYASKAWA servo motor
Spindle power7.5KW water cooling
Transmission30 square rail , 2.0 rack transmission
Size of the whole machine1600*2500*100mm

Applicable industries

1)Sofa, seat, car seat cover, car floor mat, car carpet, luggage, handbag and other industries.

2)It is applicable to shoe industry, clothing industry, composite material industry, luggage industry, automobile industry 

3)Advertising and printing industry, electronic industry, decoration industry, furniture industry, etc.

Sample picture of vibrating knife